To all gardeners and rest of the Woman’s Club,

If the weather ever co-operates we will be putting into practice what we know about gardening. The April meeting has a very interesting speaker, Stephan McMenamin, owner of the Versailles Farm near the airport, in Greenwich. He has a Summer Farm Stand that sells fresh veg’s and the profits go to a charity. His style of gardening is classified as a French style. We also will resume our April Horticulture exhibits. Come and get a taste of Spring!

So, come everyone for wonderful speaker and delicious soup, salad and dessert for only 7 dollars!

Don’t forget your Horticultural specimens and your artistic designs! The artistic design should be a small baby shower design. Look in the member’s handbook for design details and other help.

Remember the last meeting in May and our luncheon in June!

MaryAnn Moore,
Gardeners Chair